Estate litigation is one of the fastest growing areas of law in Ontario and throughout Canada. The aging of the large baby boomer population will lead to further demand. Estate disputes are a specialized area of litigation where specific knowledge of the law and procedures is critical to success. At Northern Law, our focus is litigation - you can count on the experienced litigation lawyers at Northern Law for all estate and trust matters.

Estate Litigation encompasses a variety of legal disputes, including: will disputes, power of attorney disputes, estate trustee delay, negligence and fraud, suspicious gifts prior to death, elder abuse, breach of fiduciary duty, dependent support claims, trust claims and guardianship/capacity.

At Northern Law, we are dedicated to assisting you achieve a favourable outcome to your estate dispute, whether through a negotiated settlement or in the courtroom. Contact our firm today to learn more about how our client focused legal service and dedicated litigation lawyers can assist with your estate litigation matter.


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