Have you ever stopped to think why, in a world where advertising fills voids, where you are constantly bombarded with commercials, pop-ups or spam emails that you recognize and remember certain ones more than others?

That is the effect of a trade-mark. Think of a trade-mark as a logo, slogan, word, phrase or sound that distinguishes a person or company’s goods or services from another’s. If you think of “double arches”, McDonald’s comes to mind. Perhaps more appropriately in Sudbury, if you think of a “single arch”, maybe Deluxe comes to mind. How about, “just do it”?, did you think Nike? “Bet you can’t eat just one”? Yep, that’s Lay’s potato chips. “Taste of the Rockies”? How about an ice-cold Coors?

Trade-marks are the method to protect and identify the source of a good or service. They are also meant to protect you, the consumer, from knock-offs or poor quality wares and services. Trade-marks help people to know what they're consuming. Whether your business is big or small, a trade-mark can add inherent value and goodwill. Trade-marks, although intangible, can add value and increase a company’s intellectual property portfolio.

We offer assistance with trade-mark applications, transfers of marks, and prosecution and defence of infringement and passing-off claims.

Northern Law is one of the only law firms in Northern Ontario to offer these services.

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