Wills, Estates & Powers of Attorney

A Will is an important document when preparing for your family’s future. It can be considered an instruction manual for your executors to ensure your wishes are met. At Northern Law, we meet with each client individually to best tailor a Will suited to their needs. Our lawyers will sit with you to provide advice, suggestions and recommendations in order to ensure that your final wishes are preserved. A small investment in your future now can save your friends and family time and expense in the future and provide them one less thing to worry about during their period of grievance.

Would you rather a person you trust or the government make decisions about your Estate once you have passed?

Powers of Attorney: A Power of Attorney when in writing and signed is an authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf. Most commonly, there are two major Powers of Attorney; one for property and one for personal care. For property, the POA is a legal document that provides your attorney authority over all or some of your finances and property. It allows your attorney to manage your finances and property on your behalf only while you are mentally capable of managing your own affairs. It ends if you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs. For personal care, the POA is a legal document that provides your attorney the authority to make health and other types of personal and non-financial decisions for you, if you were to become mentally incapable of doing so for yourself.

Powers of Attorney may be limited to a specific function or general in the sense that your chosen attorney may make all required decisions on your behalf if you are incapable. The Power of Attorney for property need not be the same individual as the Power of Attorney for personal care.

Estates: Have you been named Executor in a Will? Has a loved one passed without a Will? Is there a dispute in amongst beneficiaries? Do not know where to turn?

We can help. At Northern Law, we have dealt with many different Estate matters. We can assist in helping an Executor or party obtain a Certificate of Estate Trustee with or without a Will. Our experienced team of litigators can also resolve disputes arising from Estates. We have experience negotiating settlements as well as litigating matters in court in highly contentious matters involving spouses, siblings, step-families, and children’s trusts.

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